From Borges Ranch to La Fogata (old Sherburne store), Walnut Creek has numerous landmarks that reflect the community’s agricultural, commercial, and cultural heritage.

Enjoy the virtual tour on this webpage, then print the map and visit some of the sites. You also can contact the Walnut Creek Historical Society about Historic Downtown Walking Tours.

Downtown Walnut Creek

  1. American Red Cross BuildingAmerican Red Cross
    1395 Civic Dr.
    Now Park Place – Civic Park Preschool, the American Red Cross Building was one of several public buildings designed in the pink-pumice-brick-style by City Architect Leonard Ford.
  2. First Fire StationFirst Fire Station
    1516 Bonanza St.
    Now Havana Restaurant, the building was constructed in 1926 as the first fire station of the Central Fire District. It looks very much the same today, minus the fire engines.
  3. First National BankFirst National Bank
    1300 block of N. Main St.1913

    Now a row of retail shops that includes Main Street Rags and Papyrus, the two-story structure was built in 1913 by Robert Noble Burgess as the First National Bank. The building housed several banking institutions over the next 34 years, including the Bank of America until it moved down the street in 1947.

  4. Hagstrom's MarketHagstrom’s Market1632 Locust St.1946

    In 1946, Emil Hagstrom moved his grocery store from Main Street into a building on Locust Street that still stands today as Lettuce Restaurant.

  5. Kitty Milk BarKitty Milk Bar1548 Bonanza St.
    Now Hubcaps Diner, Kitty Milk Bar opened in 1947 at the corner of Bonanza and Locust Streets.
  6. Leech HouseLeech House
    1525 N. Main St.1873

    Now Modern China Café, the Leech House is the oldest residential structure on Main Street. Built in 1873, Dr. Claude and Eva Leech moved into the house in 1904, using the downstairs as his clinic and the upstairs as their residence. In 1993, the house was moved closer to the street and was renovated to be incorporated into a restaurant.

  7. Masonic TempleMasonic Temple
    1604 Mt Diablo Blvd.Now Destination Maternity, the Masonic Temple was built by the Masonic Lodge in 1916. It was expanded in 1953, then closed as a Masonic Temple in 1984 and remodeled for retail uses.
  8. Nut Bowl Fountain Nut Bowl Fountain1532 N. Main St.
    Now the home of Opa! Restaurant, the Stern Building was the home of the Nut Bowl Fountain restaurant at the corner of Main Street and Lincoln Avenue, a popular eatery after World War II.
  9. Post OfficePost Office1410 N. Main St
    Now the site of Schroder Insurance Agency, this brick building was built in 1928 by Fred Lawrence. It served as a post office until 1947.
  10. Rinehart’s ClockRinehart’s Clock
    1632 N. Main St.
    In 1947, Pete Rinehart opened a jewelry and gift shop on North Main Street. In front of the store, he placed an Art-Moderne-style clock that remained Rinehart’s trademark until the store closed in 2007. The clock still stands in front of the store, now Kaffa Café.
  11. Sherburne StoreSherburne Store
    1315 N. Main St.1880

    Now La Fogata Mexican Restaurant, the original structure was built in 1862 as a mercantile (general merchandise) store. The building was partially destroyed by fire in 1879 and was rebuilt in 1880. Although it has been remodeled, the building is now the oldest commercial building in downtown Walnut Creek.

  12. Southern Pacific Railroad DepotSouthern Pacific
    Railroad Depot
    850 S. Broadway1891

    Now Vic Stewart’s, the train depot was built by Southern Pacific after it began passenger service through Walnut Creek in 1891. It was originally located on land closer to the intersection of today’s Broadway and Mt. Diablo Blvd. and was relocated and converted to a restaurant in 1972.

  13. St. Paul’s Mission ChapelSt. Paul’s Mission Chapel
    1924 Trinity Ave.
    St. Paul’s mission, organized in 1888, purchased a lot on Locust Street and built the chapel for a total building cost of $1,600. When St. Paul’s Episcopal Church moved to Trinity Avenue in 1950, the congregation trundled the sturdy redwood building up the hill and placed it centrally on the church property, where it is still in use as a chapel. It is Walnut Creek’s oldest surviving church building.
  14. Stow BuildingStow Building
    1375 N. Main St.1910

    James Stow, a shop owner and postmaster, built his store on Main Street in 1910. Although remodeled in 1947 to remove its distinctive twin towers and bay windows, it is still a recognizable landmark today.

  15. Valley Mercantile - Silveira BuildingValley Mercantile -
    Silveira Building

    1403 N. Main St.1916

    Joseph Silveira constructed a new modern brick building in 1916 to house his Valley Mercantile business. In recent years, the retail building, at the corner of Main and Cypress, has been the home of Dress Barn and Day One.

  16. Walnut Creek Meat MarketWalnut Creek Meat Market
    1432 N. Main St.1910

    Now Sasa Restaurant, the distinctive brick building was built in 1910 by Fred Lawrence to house the family’s business, Walnut Creek Meat Market. The meat market remained at the site until 1986, when the family moved the business to Alamo.

  17. Women's Club of Walnut Creek ClubhouseWomen’s Club of
    Walnut Creek Clubhouse
    1224 Lincoln Ave.
    Established in 1911, the Women’s Club was the first service organization in Walnut Creek. This building was used until the club sold it in 1997. The club disbanded in 2000. The building is now privately owned.