The Centennial Committee members were an active group of community volunteers who organized in early 2013 to plan the yearlong celebration. The City Council assigned Council Members Kristina Lawson and Cindy Silva to represent the Council on the Centennial Committee and selected Steve and Mackenzie Lesher as the Centennial Committee co-chairs. City Communications and Outreach Manager Gayle Vassar served as the project manager for the Committee.


To contact the Centennial Committee, email

  • Mackenzie Lesher, Centennial Co-Chair
  • Steve Lesher, Centennial Co-Chair
  • Kristina Lawson, Mayor 2014
  • Cindy Silva, Mayor 2013
  • Gayle Vassar, City Project Manager
  • Janet Abrams
  • Rocco Biale
  • Ron Brown
  • Kim Brown
  • Linda Rimac Colberg
  • Angie Coffee
  • Angela De La Housaye
  • Donna Dell
  • Tracy Dietlein
  • Mark Hall
  • Brian Hirahara
  • Sally Ingraham
  • Sandi Jacobsen
  • Tony Kallingal
  • Donald Liddle
  • Bob Lloyd
  • Kathleen Odne
  • Bob Power
  • Gwen Regalia
  • Allison Ridenhour
  • Rob Stankus
  • Peggy White