Accessing Resources for Community Education in Contra Costa County, CA

Are you looking for resources to help with your community education needs in Contra Costa County, CA? Look no further! The Contra Costa Community Services Database (CORD) provides a comprehensive list of resources for questions about health and nutrition, emergency food, mental health services, people with disabilities, housing for the elderly, assistance to immigrants, substance abuse services, support groups, tutoring, and more. Meals on Wheels Contra Costa is another great resource. Their website provides visitors with instant access to important information about Meals on Wheels, its history and its challenges. You can also learn how to access services anywhere in the county, as well as volunteer opportunities. Independent Living Resources also conducts ongoing educational community events and activities on issues affecting the disabled community.

These include topics such as accessibility and discrimination in employment. They strive to increase public awareness of various disabilities, both visible and invisible. Contra Costa Behavioral Health Services Mental Health Administration is located at 1340 Arnold Drive, Suite 200 Martinez, CA 94553. You can reach them at 925-957-5150 or 925-957-5156 fax. They offer COPE (Counseling and Education Options for Parents) which supports two parenting classes in which students receive a paternity certificate recognized by the Contra Costa County courts and the Services for Children and Families. Mental Health Services operates three regional mental health clinics for adults and one mental health clinic for older adults. They also support additional services at Contra Costa which includes programs and services for children, teens, adults and older adults in Contra Costa County. No matter what your community education needs are in Contra Costa County, CA there are plenty of resources available to help you.

From Meals on Wheels to Independent Living Resources to Mental Health Services there are plenty of options to choose from.