What is the 211 Service in Contra Costa County?

The Contra Costa Crisis Center provides an invaluable service to county residents by managing an extensive database of resources and information. This database can be accessed 24/7 by calling the toll-free three-digit number 211 from any phone. It is a comprehensive, up-to-date, and free source of local health and social services for Contra Costa residents. This database was formerly known as the Contra Costa Online Resource Database (CCCORD) and contains hundreds of records about programs and services.

Participants can learn about the 2-1-1 services, how to search the 2-1-1 online database, and how to recommend programs and services from agencies throughout Contra Costa County to clients and community members. You can also find services by visiting the 211 database or downloading the resource guides from the Contra Costa Crisis Center. The 211 service in Contra Costa County is an invaluable asset for residents who need assistance with health and social services. It is a comprehensive source of information that is easy to access and free of charge. With this service, residents can quickly find the help they need without having to search through multiple sources.

The 211 service is a great resource for those living in Contra Costa County.