Accessing Resources for Community Housing Needs in Contra Costa County, CA

Are you looking for resources to help with your community housing needs in Contra Costa County, CA? You're in luck! There are a variety of resources available to help you find the assistance you need. The Contra Costa Crisis Center offers a comprehensive database of resources and information that can be accessed 24/7 by calling the toll-free three-digit number 211 from any phone. This database includes information on social and health services provided by nearly 700 agencies and organizations in the county. The Outreach Toolkit for California K-12 Schools (PDF) provides resources to help schools and teachers participate in census outreach.

The United Way Bay Area outreach toolkit also offers additional resources in 20 different languages. Presentations and other resources can be found in the solutions for regional censuses or training workshops. The Contra Costa Continuum of Care is dedicated to increasing equity throughout the care system for the homeless. The Contra Costa CoC has designated Contra Costa Health Services' Division H of Health, Housing and Services for the Homeless (H) as provider and administrator of the CES.

The CES is a federal and state requirement for the CoC and is highly recommended by most funders, including H3 on behalf of Contra Costa County and the CoC. The religious community is an important messenger of trust, especially for many hard-to-count communities. Federal and state regulations and policies guide the maintenance and progress of the Contra Costa CoC, including the functions and functions of the project and system in preventing and treating homelessness as part of the care system. An online mapping application provides details on more than 20 language communities in Contra Costa County.

The main objectives of the Contra Costa CES are that assistance is allocated as effectively as possible and that it is easily accessible no matter where or how people show up. Call for Change is a Photovoice project that collected photos and messages from homeless people in Contra Costa County. The homeless partners map shows services for the homeless and those connections to other associated services in Contra Costa County. In addition to calling 211, you can access their information on the 211 Contra Costa website or start a live chat session if you prefer.

Together, these funding sources provide financial assistance to create healthy, affordable housing in Contra Costa County.