Who is the Director of Contra Costa County Health Services?

Martin joins Erika Jenssen and Randy Sawyer as the third assistant director reporting directly to Director Roth. In his new position, he oversees the Division of Health, Housing and Services for the Homeless (H) and Detention Health, the program that provides medical care to clients of the Contra Costa detention system. The Contra Costa Board of Supervisors appointed Dr. Ori Tzvieli as the county's new health officer.

He will report to Deputy Director Jenssen and will continue to serve as a petty health officer, working with the team led by Dr. Anna M, Roth RN, MS, MPH, director of health for Contra Costa County. Ori Tzvieli, Director of Public Health, takes charge of our Public Health Division and oversees its clinical services, communicable diseases, community wellness and prevention, and many other programs. Our board of directors and staff are a dedicated team of individuals committed to the safety, health and well-being of Contra Costa County residents.

He completed his family medicine residency at Merrithew Memorial Hospital (now Contra Costa Regional Medical Center) in 1994 and has been part of the medical staff at Contra Costa Health Services ever since. Jaspreet is responsible for coordinating the administration and management of modern and professional nursing services at the CCHS Contra Costa Regional Medical Center. Director of pediatric and infectious disease services for hospitalized patients at the Contra Costa Regional Medical Center. Previously, he served as medical director of Clinical Public Health Services, medical director of ambulatory care at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center (26 health centers) and as a primary care physician at the Concord Health Center. It will help guide the county's efforts to better prepare and protect Contra Costa residents from the effects of climate change, such as drought, seasonal wildfires and the associated poor air quality. He joined CCHS in 2000 as a resident of the Family Medicine Program at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center. Tzvieli has held several leadership positions at Contra Costa Health Services, including Deputy Director of the Residency Program, Director of the Department of Family Medicine, Medical Director of Outpatient Care, and Director of Process Redesign and System Integration.

Farnitano served as a health officer for Contra Costa County and, at the same time, maintained a family medicine and HIV medicine office at Pittsburg and Brentwood health centers. The Foundation is the primary fund-raising vehicle to support the public health system and its partners in Contra Costa County.