What Services Does Contra Costa County Provide for Its Residents?

Contra Costa County is committed to providing public services that enhance the quality of life for its citizens. The Contra Costa Crisis Center maintains an extensive database of resources and information that can be beneficial to county residents. This information on social and health services can be accessed 24/7 by dialing the toll-free three-digit number 211 from any phone. Over 700 agencies and organizations contribute to providing more than 1,600 services and programs to those in need in the county through the 211 database. The county ensures that quality emergency medical services are available to all people in Contra Costa County and that emergency medical care is provided in a coordinated, professional, and timely manner.

CCHP, a federally qualified HMO, serves more than 190,000 people in Contra Costa County with quality, comprehensive health coverage. Ten health centers in Contra Costa offer comprehensive, personalized and family-centered medical care for the patient with a full range of specialized services. In addition to calling 211, you can access their information on the 211 Contra Costa website and even start a live chat session if you prefer. The county promotes and protects the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities in Contra Costa County, with special attention to communities and populations most at risk of poor health outcomes and those most affected by environmental inequalities. It integrates housing and homelessness services throughout the health system, provides outreach services for the homeless, and coordinates innovative strategies to address Contra Costa's health and social needs with local government, community groups and other partners.